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2012 Kinship News Notes on Page 2 



      Producing A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children for Granparents and Other Relatives as Parents has been a true labor of love. Since May of this year Chicago Road Publishing decided to enter the new world of communications by publishing ebooks. One of the foremost projects is to publish a second edition of A Kinship Guide for the online reader. This new edition should be available within a few weeks and will be announced here as well as in other areas. Online publications are received fast, they are easy to read (the print can be enlarged easily), and they are very low cost. Watch for the second edition of A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children. We know the book is needed now more than ever.

News: Please check page two of this website for updated news items on Kinship Care and related issues. Check out the book, To Whom It May Concern by Laurie Kast-Klein, an easy, interesting, and very thought-provoking memoir  about growing up in foster care.

      In the meantime Chicago Road Publishing has taken another turn by establishing a publishing schedule that includes a wide variety of reading material. One new book is on the Kindle market now, a memoir, titled A Homestead Decade, How Crunchy Granola Changed My Life, is a light-hearted honest book about a young family trying self- sufficient living in the country during the volatile 1960's. The ebook can be purchased for $2.99 at books. It can be read on a variety of online devices.

Chicago Road Publishing is changing along with the rest of the world. Please come along with us - check back here often for new books and updates on kinship issues.

      Purchase A Kinship Guide through Pay Pal (use Add to Cart button) at the regular price or the better deal of 10 copies for $5 each. Watch for the online second edition in a few weeks for a low $2.99.

      Purchase A Homestead Decade through Kindle books for $2.99 and begin reading within minutes. 



About Chicago Road Publishing

Chicago Road Publishing company was recently revived as a vehicle to present A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children to kinship families. Now that the book is doing well with national service groups and individual families, Chicago Road Publishing is looking to a five-year schedule of unique publications in all genres. We hope our customers and viewers to this website will return periodically to see what is new on the publication schedule. 

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