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Chicago Road Publishing LLC is going through a rebirth of sorts. The current books on the roster are part of the rebirth plan along with some new and interesting reading as 2014 progresses. There is still a great need for the only hardcopy book from Chicago Road Publishing, A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children. This is a special guide book for families caught in the tide of changing family dynamics. We are proud to have this book still available for relative families. The little memoir book, A Homestead Decade, How Crunchy Granola Changed My Life, is our best seller on the e-book circuit. It is not just about goats and chickens, it is a journey through learning Business with a capital B, and that was before the technology revolution. Our latest e-book, . . .Now Am Found, is a tender fiction of survival and the strength of the human spirit. Yes, you've heard those words before, and we hope such books continue to flow through the paths of good reading. Please check for all our current books. We hope you also check the website as we finally begin to grow in the new media.

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Outside a Detroit jazz club, the night before a two day train across Eastern Canada, Sunny is stunned by the powerful task ahead for her when Daniel, her 9-year-old nephew, flings himself at the man who looks like his mother’s killer. Now Am Found, a story of recovery and hope from the ultimate tragedy in domestic violence.


There is sadness here, as the story unfolds, but also great humor. The story is about a journey across North America, by train, but it is also a journey of healing and discovery. I could not put this book down and look forward to more by this author. A great book. I highly recommend it to everyone.” –Amazon reader review

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A HOMESTEAD DECADE, HOW CRUNCHY GRANOLA CHANGED MY LIFE, this popular book on Amazon Kindle is full of humor and love as a young family learns how to subsistence farm, build a house, and grow a business that went national. Amazon Kindle, e-book, $2.99  Order a free sample chapter of the book at>Kindle Books,  

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 “Some of these vignettes are told with gut bursting humor, poignancy and poetry. There is much packed into this small work, and it all fits. The love the author has for her kind, creative and resourceful husband and their three children is unflagging. I look forward to reading more works by this gifted writer.” – Amazon reader


“A delightful read, makes you laugh, a lot! Any one who has ever even had a garden will relate. I did not want the story to end!” - Amazon reader


A KINSHIP GUIDE TO RESCUING CHILDREN – For Grandparents and Other Relatives As Parents, a soft cover guide book for families facing kinship care issues. This book focuses on information about the services kinship care providers may need as they travel the rough waters of caring for extended family children. Information on legal counsel, social services, school issues, helpful community services, health care, and specific issues. The second half of the book addresses the importance of a local kinship care resource center, including how to start and maintain a local kinship care support center.


“A Kinship Guide to Rescuing Children packs an amazing amount of inspiration, energy, and encouragement in an easy-to-read guide for relative caregivers. This book serves as a practical guide for helping readers understand the importance of creating a support network, navigating social service systems, and establishing relationships that will thrive within the dynamics of these relative families. Relative caregivers often struggle with the hardships of raising children without any support or encouragement, and they are truly the unsung heroes for these children in our communities. Finally, a book that not only offers resources, education and practical advice for these families, but illustrates the hope and inspiration that it takes for these families to survive”. - Kinship Care Specialist, Ocala, FL



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